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Quality is Siderúrgica Balboa´s main commitment to reach a competitive position and become leader in the sector, opting for certificates throughout its production process in Spain (AENOR), Portugal (CERTIF) and in the latest opening in the Italian market. A Quality System, according to ISO 9001, is the base for its AENOR certification for all of its types of ribbed rebars.

The Process Management system has dynamised quality management, providing it with a focus on continuous improvement through the systematic analysis of indicators and the application of improvement actions. And the employees are trained towards surpassing results in the product processes and properties, with the final aim of obtaining complete customer satisfaction.


Moreover, by incorporating the ARCER brand into the quality certification systems for the production of ribbed bars, Siderúrgica Balboa leads the sector in guaranteeing features for steel rebars in reinforced concrete.

The right to use the ARCER brand implies participation in key product research activities, allowing for the ability to guarantee qualities superior to other steels, while including, for each production batch, a civil responsibility insurance with ample coverage.



As certification follow-up activities, the products are submitted to two annual inspections, in which they are checked for the continuity of conformity with the regulatory requisites and standards and the long-term quality maintenance.

The Quality System is audited by the certifying organisms in order to verify that its efficacy is maintained and that continuous improvement activities are implemented on processes and products. Siderúrgica Balboa, with its four laboratories in the Steel Mill (1) and Rolling Mills (3), has the most technologically advanced inspection equipment to inspect products and production processes.


Ribbed Bars Properties:


Test peice

% C

% S

% P

% N


Cast 0.22 0.050 0.050 0.012 0.50
Product 0.24 0.055 0.055 0.013 0.55


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