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Quality certificates


A certified product is a product submitted to continuous surveillance in compliance to the specifications of the regulating standards. This continuous surveillance is done both internally (with our own laboratories that follow-up on the geometric and mechanical characteristics of the production processes) and externally (in the periodic inspection of services from certification entities).

Besides a continuous control of product conformity, we must statistically guarantee that the results obtained are maintained in the long-term. For this, the mechanical results are sent to the certifying entities to be approved, thus creating a very low probability of non-conforming values.



In order to provide steels with "high adherence" in our ribbed bars and to comply with the Instrucción de Hormigón Estructural EHE [Spanish Regulation for Standard Concrete] in accordance with UNE 36740 they must pass the "Beam test." The Official Adherence Certificates include the tolerances our steels must have for geometric characteristics. There is a certificate for each type of steel (See Certificate):


Certif. Official Adherence Certificate for B400S steel Expand >>


Certif. Official Adherence Certificate for B500S steel Expand >>


Certif. Official Adherence Certificate for B400SD steel Expand >>


Certif. Official Adherence Certificate for B500SD steel Expand >>

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