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Ferralca S.A. Safety and work risk prevention are a priority within Grupo Alfonso Gallardo, for which it has a Prevention and Work Safety Plan in each of the companies within the Group, including Ferralca. This plan includes a set of measures throughout all phases of the industrial activity in order to avoid and control the potential work risks, making this factory a safe environment for employees, who also receive continuous education and training.

Ferralca, along with the other group companies, also has an environmental policy to minimise the impact on the environment, to evaluate its waste and prevent risks.

Environmental Management

Ferralca is aware of the importance in respecting the environment and its preservation and development of a policy committed to the Environment. In virtue of this commitment, we have defined an environmental policy that aims to minimise the environmental impact, valuate its waste and prevent risks.

Ferralca S.A.

Beyond the fulfilment of current legislation, its environmental management system hopes to achieve a greater balance between the environment and the company’s productive activities.

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