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The quality controls are done both internally, with our own laboratories that follow-up on the geometric and mechanical characteristics during the production processes, and externally, in the periodic inspection of services from certification entities.

Ferralca S.A.

Besides this continuous product conformity control, we must statistically guarantee that the results obtained are maintained long-term, through a series of calculations of mechanical results that are sent to the certifying agencies for their approval.

The complete process is certified by the BUREAU VERITAS brand in accordance with the ISO 9001-2008 standard.

ISO Certificate for Fuenlabrada (Madrid) ISO Certificate for Corvera (Asturias)
ISO 9001 Certificate, Ferralca S.A. - Madrid ISO 9001 Certificate, Ferralca S.A. - Asturias

This is an International Standard that promotes the adoption of a process focused system to develop and improve efficacy in the quality management system in order to increase the client satisfaction via the fulfilment of its requisites.

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