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Corrugados GetafeA certified product is a product submitted to continuous surveillance in compliance to the specifications of the regulating standards.

This continuous surveillance is done both internally with our own laboratories and externally in the periodic inspection of services from certification entities.

   -  Product identification label:
The product label includes data such as diameter or type of mesh, quality and reference standard, package dimension and identification marks from the manufacturer and the Adherence Certificate code.

   -  Manufacturer certificate guarantee::
The products sold under the Corrugados Getafe brand are sent with the documentation which includes the manufacturers guarantee certificate. With this certificate the manufacturer guarantees that the product delivered complies with the requisites specified in the product standard.

   -  Adherence Certificate:
According to the EHE Instruction, passive reinforcements must be accompanied by the corresponding Adherence certificate.

As a control, it is enough to verify that the geometry of the rib is within the limits in this certificate.




Certif. Product AENOR Nº 017_000743 Show >>


Certif. Steel Quality A400NR SD Show >>
Certif. Steel Quality A500NR SD Show >>


Certif. Steel Quality B500B Show >>

Globecert AB

Denmark and Sweden
Certif. Steel Quality Globecert AB - product no.1502 Show >>

Adherence Certificate

B400SD Adherence Certif. Show >>
B500SD Adherence Certif. Show >>


ISO 9001.2015 Spanish | English
AENOR GA-2016/0091 Show >>
IQNET 14001:2004 Show >>


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