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Corrugados Getafe´s factory has always been a referent in Quality management. Proof of this is seen in the LRQA certification of its Quality Management Systems ISO 9001.

Corrugados Getafe


However, the concept of quality does not stop there for the company’s Management. Quality must always be present in all of its activities developed, keeping in mind that through the right strategy, motivated human resources and using optimal processes for materials the best results are obtained for employees, clients and the social environment. In conclusion, the focus of Total Quality through Management Excellence.

Reinforced concrete structures must fulfil the specific quality characteristics in the structure’s project.

In terms of materials, this implies that they must all fulfil the indicated specifications in the product’s norms and in the EHE reinforced concrete requirements.

Passive rebar confirm this fulfilment through the documentation given to the product.



Ribbed bar Quality Specifications


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